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Kyiv National Economic University (KNEU)

Kyiv National Economic University was established in 1906 as Kyiv Graduate Commercial Courses, named after Vadym Hetman (KNEU) (in 1908 it became Kyiv Commercial Institute, in 1920 - Kyiv National Economy Institute, in 1992 - Kyiv State Economics University, and in 1995 - Kyiv National Economics University). On Victory Avenue, 54/1, the main building is located. The approximate level of education and research placed the university in the third position in the National University Ranking (Compass, 2012) in Ukraine.
Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics (KNUTE) is one of the modern institutes providing quality education and learning to students. In 1946, as the Kyiv branch of a larger Soviet-era institution, the Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics (KNUTE) was first founded. Over the period, with a variety of different teaching and social facilities, the institution has grown into a fully-fledged university in its own right. The university is primarily located in Kyiv, Ukraine, on a large campus east of the Dnieper River.
Ternopil National Economic University (TNEU), which has the highest level of accreditation, is one of Ukraine's leading higher education institutions. It is an independent University that has the power to grant a bachelor's & Master's degree in Economics degree. Today, the university consists of 14 Faculties including the Faculty of Economics & Finance. Nine Scientific Research Units are also functioning within the University.
The origins of the National Aviation University of Kiev started in 1933 as an independent story in aviation courses organized by the national aviation university of Kyiv Polytechnic in the late nineteenth century: the resolution of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR was established at the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute's aviation department. An influential scientific school in the fields of mechanics, electronics, electrical engineering, materials science, computer science, and engineering has been launched by the university. They were founded by Professor T. Tower, Academics, and G. A. Kukhtenko Pukhov, Pen'kov A., B. Malinowski, Professor A. Grokhol'skiy, L. Ilnytskyy, and others, respectively. Today, Kyiv National Aviation University is considered as 1st Top-ranked aviation/aerospace university in Ukraine.
Ukraine is among those countries which have a good development in aviation and space engineering. One of the leading university for Aviation and Aerospace engineering is Kharkiv Aerospace University also known as (Kharkiv Aviation Institute) which provide quality education and enhance the skills of students for aviation and aerospace programs. 'Kharkiv Aviation Institute' Zhukovsky National Aerospace University, one of the leading educational institutions of the public education system of the USSR, now Ukraine, develops specialists in the design and manufacture of aerospace equipment. Founded in 1930 through the allocation of KPI's aviation faculty. It is situated in the former capital of Ukraine, Kharkiv.