Study in Poland for Pakistani Students

Study in Poland - Fees & Visa for Pakistani Students 2023-2024

Higher study in Poland is booming, and for plenty of fine reasons! Poland is one of the most affordable, student-friendly, and accessible destinations to study in Europe for Pakistani students. Poland has a number of highly ranked universities in the world. This blog will help you with everything you need to know before you plan to study in this amazing European country.

Study In Poland - Basic Guide


Best Cities in Poland to Study Warsaw, Poznan, Częstochowa, Lodz, Krakow
Currency Polish Złoty (PLN)
1 PLN = 48 PKR
Is Poland a Schengen Country? Yes
Average Tuition Fees in Poland 1500-2500 EUR /Semester
Average Tuition Fees for Medicine (MBBS) in Poland 3000-5500 EUR /Semester
Can I Study English in Poland? Yes
Work Allowed During Studies? Yes – 21 hours per week
Degree Acceptance All over Europe
Average Hostel Fee in Poland 150 EUR /month
Living costs in Poland 300-500 EUR/month
Application Process Time 3-5 days through us!
Intakes For Admissions Almost All Year
Admission without IELTS Possible
Study Visa Process Time From Pakistan 15-20 days
Poland Visa Ratio From Pakistan 87% for Bachelor’s & Masters
97% for MBBS Applicants
Application Fee From 150 EUR

If you’re looking for study-abroad programs in Europe & want to combine modern universities, very low-cost tuition fees, and a lively student and cultural life, then all roads lead for you to study in Poland!

Let us help you to choose the best & most affordable polish university.

Study in Poland

Best & Cheap Universities in Poland

Poland is known as one of the cheapest countries for international students, with many highly ranked public & private universities worldwide. Apart from the low cost of education, the Polish education system is known to produce the world’s leading medical doctors, IT experts & economists. Some of the well-reputed & low-fees universities in Poland providing a vast number of courses in English are listed as:

University Average Tuition Fees
Jagiellonian University, Krakow 4500-6000 EUR /year
14,000 EUR /year (for MD/MBBS)
University of Warsaw 3900-5200 EUR /year
AGH University of Science & Technology 1900-2000 EUR/ year
Medical University of Warsaw 13,900 EUR /year (for MD/MBBS)
Adam Mickiewicz University Poznan 4800-5250 EUR /year
Wroclaw Medical University 13,800 EUR /year (for MD/MBBS)
International European University (IEU Poland) 1500 EUR /semester

3000 EUR /semester for MD/MBBS (Cheapest Fee In Poland for Medicine)

Warsaw University of Technology 5000-7500 EUR /year
Krakow University of Technology 3500-4500 EUR /year
Lodz University of Technology 4000-5500 EUR /year
Nicolaus Copernicus University 7100 EUR /year

Admission Criteria to study in Poland for Pakistani students

Poland is a hub for foreign students around the globe due to its vibrant lifestyle and affordable education costs. But there are certain rules to be followed by Pakistani students to study in Poland;

  • To be admitted to a Polish university bachelor’s degree program, you must be a high school graduate. It means that the students must pass their intermediate/A-level/grade 12th exams with good grades.
  • The student will then apply for admission to the first year of a 4-year bachelor’s at a public or private Polish university.
  • Students who intend to apply for the master’s degree program must have obtained a bachelor’s degree.
  • Please note that most Polish universities acquire IELTS if you are applying for the English-taught degree program. However, there are few universities that can accept foreign students even without IELTS or any other entrance test. Contact Us for the details.
  • MBBS in Poland for Pakistani students 2023-2024

    Poland offers a variety of English-taught programs, MBBS In Poland is one of the tops that we put on our list. For the past 10 years, MBBS In Poland has become the top choice of Pakistani & Indian students due to its futuristic academic infrastructure, skilled & professional teaching staff, advanced medical laboratories, exchange programs, intensive clinical practice & globally acknowledged medical degrees

    Intake for MBBS In Poland September – January
    Eligibility Criteria

    12th In Science with 60% (for MBBS)

    12th In Science with 40% (for other programs)

    IELTS Yes, it is compulsory. Only a few universities can accept without it.
    Minimum Tuition Fees 3000 EUR /semester
    Maximum Tuition Fees 7200 EUR /semester
    Best Medical Universities

    1. Warsaw Medical University

    2. Jagiellonian University
    3. International European University

    4. Wroclaw Medical University

    5. Poznan Medical University

    Cost of Living in Poland 350-450 EUR /month
    Average Hostel Fees 150 EUR /month
    Admission Fee for MBBS 150 EUR
    MBBS Course Duration 5 + 1 Year Internship
    Recognition of University WHO, ECFMG, PMC, MCI Approved
    Medium of Education English Language

    Here is a quick guide for MBBS In Poland For Pakistani Students

    MBBS In Poland for Pakistani students is considered one of the most low-cost degrees as compared to other EU states.

    The average tuition fees for MBBS In Poland range from 3000-6500 EUR per semester for international students. The average cost of living in Poland for Pakistani students can vary from 350-450 EUR every month depending upon the city. Here are some top-ranked medical universities in Poland accepting students from above 55 countries every years

    MBBS In Poland Fees 2023-24

    Name of the University Tuition Fees /Year Hostel Fees /month
    Warsaw Medical Academy 13,900 EUR 220 EUR
    University of Warmia and Mazury 12,800 EUR 200 EUR
    Medical University of Gdansk 12,000 EUR 200 EUR
    Poznan Medical University 12,705 EUR 180 EUR
    Jagiellonian University Medical College 14,000 EUR 220 EUR
    Medical University of Lodz 13,800 EUR 300 EUR
    Medical University of Lublin 12,800 EUR 170 EUR
    University of Silesia 8,618 EUR 210 EUR
    University of Wroclaw 13,800 EUR 180 EUR
    International European University (IEU) 6,000 EUR 50EUR
    Nicolaus Copernicus University 13,060 EUR 180 EUR
    P4 02

    Admission & Visa Process From Pakistan

    To study in Poland, students have to apply for an admission letterWe can obtain the admission confirmation letter from the selected polish university in 3-5 business days.

    STEP 1: Application process & required documents

    To get an Admission Letter issued by the targeted university in Poland, we require the following documents:

  • Copy of International Passport.
  • Copy of High School Certificates (Matriculation & Intermediate).
  • Copy of Bachelor Degree (if the student is applying for a Master’s degree).
  • Language Proficiency Test – IELTS/TOEFL (if required)
  • Students can send us mentioned documents through Email, Whatsapp, or by visiting their nearest branch office of Twelve Consultants.

    STEP 2: How to get a Poland Study Visa From Pakistan?  

    Students can also Contact our local representative office for further information about the Poland Study Visa for Pakistani students.

    Students should apply to the Embassy of Poland with the following documents:

  • Visa Application Form   (e-konsulat)
  • Passport (at least 2 empty pages in the valid passport are needed).
  • Admission & Visa Letter from university.
  • Original School Certificates (attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
  • Flight Reservation
  • Accommodation Proof for a stay in Poland (we can arrange it for you!).
  • Travel Health Insurance
  • Birth Certificate in English issued by NADRA.
  • Police Certificate
  • Photocopy of applicant’s national ID card.
  • Bank Statement (showing transactions of last 6 months, counting from the date of interview) & Affidavit.
  • Proof that you have an amount of 701 PLN (33,650 PKR) for every month so as to be able to cover the financial costs. It simply means that you must have around 20,000 EUR as your current balance in the bank statement.
  • Proof that the Tuition Fee for the first year has been paid to the university.
  • 2 passport-size Photo  (white background only)
  • A refusal letter will be required if you have been ever refused a visa by any Embassy.
  • Original Family Registration Certificate (FRC) issued by NADRA in English.
  • Note: Third country nationals (Afghan nationals) residing in Pakistan must provide supporting documents proving legal residence.

    Poland Study Visa Fee In Pakistan

    Long-term Study Visa (D-type) 90+ days duration 15 971 PKR
    Schengen Visa  90 days duration 15 971 PKR

    Visa Process Time: The Visa approval or refusal decision is made within 15 working days from the payment date of the visa application fee.

    In case of Visa refusal, the Appeal can submit in next 14 days.

    PR or Citizenship in Poland? 

    Yes, according to Polish law anyone above the age of 18 can apply for Polish PR or citizenship but you must meet one of the following criteria,

  • You have lived in Poland for at least 5 years with either a work visa, student visa, or family reunification visa.
  • You have been married to a citizen of Poland for at least 3 years.
  • One of your parents has been granted a Polish PR (permanent residence permit).
  • You are the child of a Polish national.
  • You have obtained asylum in Poland.
  • You have been living in Poland for the last 10 years, and it is impossible for you to return to your homeland.
  • You are a victim of human trafficking, have been living in Poland for at least 360 days, and have cooperated with law enforcement agencies.
  • Getting Polish Citizenship After Permanent Residency?
  • You can apply for citizenship in Poland if you have lived here for at least 24 months (without interruptions in Poland) with a permanent residence card. The PR permit doesn’t allow you to work in any other EU state except Poland.

    Work in Poland as a student: 

    Poland is an ideal place to study & work simultaneously and it provides a very friendly ambiance while studying there for Pakistani students. Rich values, more work opportunities, and a modern lifestyle allow students to study, settle and work in Poland more efficiently. Some of the credentials to work in Poland while studying is;

  • Every student is allowed to work in Poland while studying.
  • You can either work on or off campus by your desire.
  • A student is allowed to work 6 hours /day whether on or off campus on average.
  • The minimum wage for working in Poland is 12-14 EUR /hour or 1600 EUR /month.
  • Though English is widely spoken, you should know the basic Polish language to get a job to interact with locals.
  • P3 02

    Living cost in Poland for International students:

    Even with the high living standard in Poland, it is one of the most affordable countries in Europe. Here is an average idea of living expenses in Poland for international students.

    Accommodation/hostel 150 EUR/ month (for hostel)

    350-500 EUR/ month (for apartment)

    Food 150-200 EUR/month
    Transportation 75 EUR/ month
    Entertainment 100 EUR
    Internet 26 EUR/ month
    Health insurance 24 EUR/ month
    Is studying in Poland free?

    Poland is known for its low cost of living and education. You can also have the opportunity to study in Poland for free. There are several scholarship programs that allow you to study for free in Poland.  


    Is IELTS important for studying in Poland for Pakistani students?

    Poland is on the list of countries that can provide education without IELTS for Pakistani students. You can easily get admission into some universities in Poland after proving your English transcripts from high school.

    Can I work while studying in Poland?

    If you’re a student in Poland, and you need to budget your expenses, you are allowed to work as a student for about 21 hours/per week. The Minimum wage for working in Poland is about 11-17 EUR/ hour. 

    Is it cheap to study & live in Poland?

    YES, Poland is a desirable study-abroad destination for a reason! Poland offers breathtaking landscapes, breezy beaches, diverse culture & historic culture including 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

    Cost of Study: The average cost to study in Poland for international students ranges between 1500 EUR to 3000 EUR depending upon the degree & college.

    Living Cost: The average cost to live in Poland is around 400 EUR per month for every international student.

    Can You Study In Poland In English?

    Yes, More than 450 Universities in Poland offer international courses in English language. Currently, there are over 150 English-taught study programs accessible at Polish universities with opportunities to study in Poland with very affordable living & study cost.


    What Is a Pole’s Card?

    The Pole’s Card is your proof of being a part of the Polish nation, though not a Polish national. You will receive a Pole’s Card if you have permanent residency (PR) in Poland. Your Pole’s Card is valid for 10 years, calculated from the date you get the card. 

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