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Malaysia is a developing country with a prosperous economy and better educational facilities. Malaysia is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Asia due to its fascinating blend of diverse wildlife, picturesque islands, mountain peaks, tropical forests, and rich culinary landscape. 

The South China Sea divides the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-lingual country into two regions: Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia. Beautiful islands and a variety of landscapes surround these territorial boundaries. Malaysia is an excellent scuba diving destination due to its abundance of beaches and vibrant marine life.

This makes it a quite preferable place to study for Pakistani students. Some of the credentials of Study In Malaysia for Pakistani Students are listed in this blog; 


Study In Malaysia - Quick Facts

Best Student Cities in Malaysia
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Penang
  • Johor Bahru.
  • Malaysian Borneo
  • Currency Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) 

    1 MYR = 46.17PKR (As of 25-11-2022)

    Average Tuition Fees in Malaysia MYR 11,300/ Semester

    2300 US$ / Semester

    Can I Study in Malaysia in English? Yes, possible
    Eligibility Criteria The minimum academic requirements include 70% grades in previous degrees.
    Required Age 18-28 Years
    Degree Acceptance Worldwide
    Average Hostel Fee in Malaysia 112$-272$/ month
    Living Cost in Malaysia 450$-800$/month
    Application Process Time 4-6 weeks
    Intakes For Admissions Mostly July- November
    Admission without IELTS Acceptable
    Is Study Gap Acceptable In Malaysia? Yes
    Study Visa Process Time From Pakistan 1-3 Weeks
    Malaysia Visa Ratio From Pakistan Approximately 60-70%
    Malaysia Study Visa Fee from Pakistan 223$ – 329$
    Application Fee From 150$

    Best and Cheap Universities in Malaysia

    Malaysia provides affordable education to students who have less budget to study in the USA, the UK, etc. It makes it a hot hub for international as well as Pakistani students.

    With the best and cheap universities listed in this blog, Malaysia has proven to be a fairly good place for the study of Pakistani students. 



    Average Tuition Fees

    Universiti Sains Malaysia.

    1570$-8540$ / semester

    Universiti Putra Malaysia.

    1794$-2111$ / semester

    Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)

    2659$ / semester

    Universiti Teknologi MARA.

    831.57$- 4,840$ / semester

    International Islamic University Malaysia.

    882$- 10811$ / semester


    Cheap universities in Malaysia

    University Name

    Tuition Fees

    University of Malaya

    1260$ – 2463$ / semester

    University Putra Malaysia

    1250$ – 2310$ /semester

    Open University Malaysia

    From 1215$ -1 445$ / semester

    USCI University

    1800$ – 4025$ / semester

    University of Malaysia, Perlis

    1225$ – 2344$ / semester

    Malaysian University of Sabah

    850$ – 1450$ / semester

    Asia Metropolitan University

    800$ – 2550$ / semester

    Schalorships in malaysia for pakistani students

    Scholarships in Malaysia for Pakistani students

    Malaysia is one of the emerging countries that offer a wide range of higher education to international students. Like many other leading countries, it is also regarded as the fog of trust among the students willing to move abroad for higher studies.  

    The Malaysian government is trying its best to facilitate the students so that they could have the opportunity to study in Malaysia. In this regard, there are a number of Malaysian scholarships offered to international students.  

    The Malaysian International Scholarships for International Students 2023 for Pakistani Students is an initial step for the Malaysian Government to attract the best brains from around the world for advanced academic study in Malaysia. The scholarships are designed to support the efforts of the Malaysian government to attract and retain talented human capital from abroad. 

    How to Apply for Malaysian Scholarships 2023

    The Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF) has specified the minimum credits required for any scholarship program; therefore, your transcript would be properly reviewed by the Malaysian Education Authorities to verify the eligibility criteria, and it is therefore recommended that you evaluate your position before applying for a scholarship. Once your academic status met the criteria, you can continue the admission process by following these guidelines.

  • Better to hunt for the relevant scholarships in Malaysia for Pakistani students earlier to avoid deadline-based disappointment
  • International students can apply online at any Malaysian university
  • Choose the institution that offers a scholarship in the relevant field
  • Note their submission dates
  • Find resources to help you with scholarship application processes.
  • Prepare well to pass the interview or entrance test in the institution according to your academic requirements
  • Arrange, verify, and organize all required documents such as the last academic certificate, application form, etc. in a folder for stress-free submission.
  • Be confident about the financing issues.
    • Qualify for the required English proficiency test like IELTS and other proficiency tests with required scores

    NOTE: Students applying to private universities must confirm that the university is recognized by the Government of Malaysia.

    Malaysian University Scholarship for Pakistani Students 2023 in Malaysia

    The following list of institutes offers scholarships for Pakistani candidates in Malaysia in the various graduate and undergraduate programs. Some of these institutes are as follows:

  •   University of Malaysia 
  •   Putra University Malaysia 
  •   University of Sains Malaysia 
  •   Al-Madina International University 
  •   Multimedia University 
  •   Mara University of Malaysia 
  •   Sains Islam Malaysia 
  • Malaysia 02

    Admission & Visa Process From Pakistan: 

    To study in Malaysia, students have to apply for an admission confirmation letter. We can obtain it from the selected Malaysian university in 2-5 weeks for our students.

    Study In Malaysia: Requirements for Pakistani Students 

    For Bachelor’s Programs 

    For admission to an undergraduate program, each university has its own minimum grades. In general, the student must obtain at least 75% marks (825/1100) in their previous degrees to meet the entry requirements of Malaysian universities.

    For Master’s Programs

    1. The admission requirements are different for each study program.
    2. Typically, high marks obtained in the bachelor honors degree are accepted for admission to the postgraduate program (Master’s).
    3. The Bachelor’s degree must be obtained from a recognized institute in Pakistan.

    For Ph.D. Programs

    1. For admission to the postgraduate (Ph.D.) program, the candidate must have obtained a bachelor’s honors degree and a Master’s two-year degree with good grades.
    2. In addition, a strong research proposal and previous research experience are required.

    STEP 1: Application Process & required documents:    

    To get an Admission Letter to Study In Malaysia, we require the following documents:

  • Copy of International Passport.
  • Copy of High School Certificates (Matriculation & Intermediate).
  • Students can send us these documents through Email, Whatsapp, or by visiting their nearest branch office of 12 Consultants.

    STEP 2: Malaysia Study Visa From Pakistan    

    Students can also Contact our local representative office for further information about the Malaysia Study Visa for Pakistani students.

  • Visa Application Form 
  • Passport (at least 2 empty pages in the valid passport are needed).
  • Admission & Visa Letter from university.
  • Original School Certificates (attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
  • Flight Reservation
  • Accommodation Proof for a stay in Malaysia(we can arrange it for you!).
  • Travel Health Insurance
  • Birth Certificate in English issued by NADRA.
  • Police Certificate
  • Photocopy of applicant’s national ID card.
  • Bank Statement (showing transactions of last 6 months, counting from the date of interview) & Affidavit.
  • 2 passport-size Photo  (White background only)
  • Malaysia Study Visa Fee In Pakistan

    How much is a student visa in Malaysia? That is the question most of the students ask us.

    Well, the cost of a Study Visa for Malaysia depends on your country of origin, the cost varies from RM 810 – RM 1,560 or 37,250 PKR – 71,000 PKR from Pakistan.

    In US$, the cost of a Study Visa for Malaysia from Pakistan is around 230$ – 300$ depending upon the visa type.

    Malaysia 021 1

    Work in Malaysia as a student

    Students who take on the challenge of working part-time while completing their degree and attending college attendance records are definitely hardcore creatures. Perhaps this stage of difficulty transforms students into highly professional workers and always leaves them ahead of other students who did not have part-time jobs during their college years.


    Malaysia is a fast-paced country that offers opportunities for everyone, including international students. The government of Malaysia has allowed part-time work for 20 hours per week for international students enrolled in a full-time study program. Moreover, the minimum wage to work in Malaysia is 28MYR/ hour. 

    How to get part-time work permission?

    1. You have a valid student card 
    2. You will request permission to work part-time through your host Malaysian institutions 
    3. You write an application (supporting letter) to your institution stating that you need to work part-time and provide a valid reason 
    4. Photocopy of your national passport 
    5. You provide the details of your address, contact number, email address 
    6. Offer letter from an employer who plans to give you a job (letter should include your working hours, job type, and salary details) 
    7. Support from the Dean of your host Malaysian institution stating that you have been allowed to work part-time 
    8. Submit the application for part-time work approval at the Immigration Department of Malaysia 
    9. The Immigration Service invites you for an interview about your application and approves or rejects it 
    10. If approved by the Immigration Department, your passport will be approved accordingly 
    11. The Immigration Department will forward your attendance sheet every three months through your host institution to verify that your attendance has not been compromised due to working part-time. 
    12. The students who work part-time are also required to demonstrate satisfactory academic performance throughout their semester. 
    13. The Director General of Immigration Malaysia has the power to revoke your permission to work part-time if you fail to meet the academic and attendance requirements 
    14. The Immigration Department will inform your host institution of any change to your work permit 

    Terms and Conditions for part-time work 

    1. Students are only allowed to work 20 hours per week during semester breaks 
    1. The students cannot work as cashiers 
    2. The students can work in restaurants, hotels, mini markets, and petrol kiosks. 

     Living Costs in Malaysia for international students

    Hostel fees 112$-272$/ month
    Transportation 9$-16$/month
    Food 60$-70$/ month
    Internet 34.50$/month
    Utilities 44.56$/ month
    Books 12.50$-25$/ month
    Laundry expenses 19$/ month
    Malaysia 03
    Is studying in Malaysia good? 

    Malaysia is quite an affordable country to study in. With low-budget education and high-quality methods of education, Malaysia is proven to be a very suitable place to study for Pakistani students. 


    Can I study in Malaysia without IELTS?

    The official language of Malaysia is Malay but on the other hand, but English is a compulsory subject in the Malaysian educational system. But there are various universities which provide courses without the need and hassle of IELTS. 

    Can I work while studying in Malaysia?

    Yes, you are allowed to work in Malaysia while studying. You are allowed to work part-time for 20hours/ week and the minimum wage for working in Malaysia is 28MYR/ hour. 

    Is it cheap to study and live in Malaysia? 

    Yes, it is cheap to study and live in Malaysia in comparison to the USA, UK, and Australia. If you want to get high-quality education and lifestyle with a low budget, Malaysia is a suitable place for you. 

    What is the cost to study medicine (MBBS) in Malaysia?

    MBBS in Malaysia is then one of the most sought-after and reasonable alternatives for such students and costs about 55,000 to 136,000 MYR per year or 11608.28$-28701.11$/ year. 

    Can you study in English in Malaysia? 

    With the official language of Malay, English is a mandatory subject in Malaysia. So, we can say that you can easily study in English in Malaysia 

    Best Countries To Study Abroad For Pakistani Students

      Country Tuition Fee Living Cost
    1 United Kingdom (UK)

    $4650 to $15,548

    / Semester


    / month

    2 Poland

    €1500 – €2,500

    / Semester


    / month

    3 Italy

    €0 – €9,400

    / Semester


    / month

    4 USA

    $5150 – $19,400

    / Semester


    / month

    5 Australia

    $4900 – $16,400

    / Semester


    / month

    6 Hungary

    €0 – €5,600

    / Semester


    / month

    7 Canada

    $6100 – $15,880

    / Semester


    / month

    8 China

    $0 – $5,220

    / Semester


    / month

    9 Germany

    €0 – €9,800

    / Semester


    / month

    10 Sweden

    €3200 – €6,400

    / Semester


    / month

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